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wer wir sind und was wir machen

TheaterSCHLACHTHOF works professionally with humans of all age-groups. TheaterSCHLACHTHOF is a home, workshop, stage, labor, bar, ballroom and Ivory tower for local, national and international artists. In many cooperations we also produce formats that are special, inspiring, very popular and thrilling. The theaterSCHLACHTHOF makes networks possible! Through obligation, transparency and porosity in communication and deed is TheaterSCHLACHTHOF a place for the talk and the production. We give the big questions a stage, we do not shun the beauty of words, the intensity of emotion, the freedom of form. A theater of the many, of the questions, of the forms and – most of all – the human.

Artistic leadership: Tobias Pflug

Assistance: Melanie Tesch

Leadership children's theater: Michael Harre

Courses/Workshops/Projects:Julie Käßner, Can Klose, Elinor Bender, Ubeyde Cimon, Julia Klein, Simone Bacher, Paula Eickmann, Karina Schiek, Lucie Tempier, Isabelle Heyne, Anna Jäger, Tobias Sailer, Jonnathan Prösler, Ulrike Herweg, Silvan Stephan, Andrea und Thorsten zum Felde, Onkel Oxe, Lenart Seehausen, Aishe Spalthoff, Jasper Tibbe, Nina Zimmermann, Jakob Heymann, etc.

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