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Under this label are summoned all productions and courses with adolescents who are 14 to 23 years old. The “TURM KINDER” of Julia Käßner and Elinor Bender make productions with a performative part. Works so far: “Nichtstun”, “Teatime”, “DEMONSTRATION:MENSCH” and "Romeo and Julia". In the future we will enhance our work with schools and other educational providers to also bring young people to the stage that normally would not play theater. Under the label “MACHT ES SELBER” we give young people the opportunity to produce their own theater, we support dramaturgical, with infrastructure and a small budget, you can thereby create your own theater under nearly professional terms. theaterSCHLACHTHOFjung devotes itself furthermore to networking of youth-theater-groups in Bremen. For this intention we also plan right now “DAS OFFENE FORUM – youth theater in Bremen 2017”.

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