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Mattia Bonafini

Lukas Zerbst


Mattia Bonafini wurde in 1980 in Legnago, Italien geboren.
Mit neuen Jahren bekam er seinen ersten Gitarrenunterricht.
Nach dem Abitur studierte er Instrumentale Komposition bei Carlo De Pirro, und seit 2008 Elektroakustische Komposition bei F. Giomi sowie L. Camilleri in Bologna. (Conservatorio di Musica "G.B.Martini").
Im Jahr 2015 hat er sein Master-Studium bei Prof. Killian Schwoon an der Hochshule für Künste Bremen fortgesetzt.

Er spielt in verschiedene Gruppen wie:
Lorø, Bruce Fisting, The Grey Nuances, Nicker Hill Orchestra

Lukas Zerbst is a multimedia artist. Born in 1988 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Got emigrated to Germany by his parents at the age of 2. Today Based nowhere.

He studies Fine Arts at the University of Arts Bremen. In April 2018 he will be the Master Student at Jean-François Guiton.

He creates site-specific installations involving various on-spot materials, manipulations of electrical components and video. Also he collaborates with actors or dancers to create live performances or linear films.

2016 he got the 1st prize of Fine Arts at the Inversity of the Arts Bremen for his work »Mimikry«.

Since 2016 he engages himself in creating transcultural projects between Germany and Vietnam. This resulted in solo and group exhibitions in corporation with e.g. workroomfour, Nhà Sàn Collective or Filmbüro Bremen.


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